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A cellphone is one of a few different types of telephones. The cell phone allows a user to communicate to another user without wires, also see the tag phone for more details on telephone. Strategically placed cell towers communicate with cell phones and are part of an early stage in routing cellphone calls. Cellphones today have vastly improved technology from ... Read More »


Stuff is has quite a few definitions including both to fill (verb) amongst other definitions, and an unspecified material or knowledge (noun).  Its even been used as inward character such as in "you have the right stuff".  Stuff can be used as a euphemism for random things that a writer doesn't have a specific name for, or refuses to use ... Read More »


The word sale means the act of selling goods or services. However, it is used also used to identify that something is available to be sold, as in "for sale" or if it is being sold at a discount as in "on sale". The internet began as a method to for scientists and scholars to share ideas. More recently the ... Read More »


Phones, plural and short for telephone, is a device that allows the user to communicate via sound with another user also using a phone.   Technological advances are enabling phones to do more than just communicate with each other, added features include embedded internet access, MP3 players, document reading/manipulation.  There are three key different types of phones: POTS (plain old telephone ... Read More »

in the news

News by definition is a report or presentation of a recent event or intelligence that is previously unknown. For example, news in a newspaper is typically a recent event. However sometimes there are updates in the news as well. "In the news" can be both pieces from already published news articles that writers want to highlight or actually newly written ... Read More »


A phone, short for telephone, is a device that allows the user to converse via sound with another user also using a phone. Technological advances have led to three key different types of phones: POTS (plain old telephone service) phone — the one you use in your house that's hardwired to the phone provider Cell Phone — telephones that are ... Read More »


A consumer is a person who uses a commodity, product, or service.  In plain language, consumers are people who buy stuff.  We're all consumers in on way shape or form. If you purchase products on the internet then you are a consumer. Consumers drive economies. Your plumber, mechanic, or car washer provide you services which you consume.  If you're reading ... Read More »


A coupon is a document, article, certificate, or written code granting the holder benefits such as a gift or discount on products or services. "Brick and Mortar" (those stores you drive to in your car) and online stores use coupons to create a value added experience to drive users to purchase from their store.  Some stores will actually accept competing ... Read More »


An update from a definitive standpoint is to relay the newest information. An update tag is used to present new information for an already known piece of data, information or news. Users will typically update their blogs or websites with new information on an already presented topic. For example, if you already presented information about a new cell phone but ... Read More »