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reverse phone

A tag of reverse phone lookup is a way that people can often find information on a phone number that they are looking for.  There are many discussions online today that are either consumer sites that help act as advocates for unwanted phone callers or provide advice and recommendations for peope (typically consumers) who are looking or searching for information ... Read More »


Telemarketing (sometimes known as inside sales)is the method of direct marketing where a sales person solicits prospective customers to buy products or services typically over the phone. Telemarketing could include recorded sales pitches played over the phone as well. Its said that the first telemarketer began in the early 1950s. The technique has increased in use and many people have ... Read More »


Observations are an act of noticing or perceiving according to the dictionary, where something may be learned while you are doing it. But in fact this is something we all do every day on the internet and in our day to day life. Observing may be people watching, internet surfing, or even viewing the heavens above and making notes and ... Read More »

streaming tv

Streaming TV is a relatively new method of providing a method of video over the internet. There are a few different technologies that allow this to occur, but the outcome is all of the same. It allows a linear, continuous flow of data from the video provider to an end user which results in the user viewing video on his ... Read More »


The world is most often referenced as the earth and everything in it. However, it can be also used as or in reference to the people in the world, a group of people or things, or a new environment. This covers many topics that bloggers may write about that apply to or are of interest to many people including world ... Read More »


The term mortgage is typically used as the transferring of property ownership as security for the repayment of money borrowed. The mortgage agent is the borrower and the mortgagee is the person or company who owns the mortgage and receives payment from the mortgagor. A mortgage is most often used to purchase a piece of real estate when a person ... Read More »


Wikipedia says that the term personal means "of or pertaining to a person, or belonging to a person in some way", for example: personal hygiene, personal identity, personal web page. Personal can be a synonym for individual or private. Many topics out in the blogosphere on personal can be on personal privacy (privacy of the individual), personal finance, personal interests, ... Read More »