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Judge Temporarily Blocks Video Game Law In Louisiana

Here’s hoping the piece of reactionary, ill-created swill stays blocked when a permanent injunction hearing takes place June 30. Read More »

SEGA Draws Big Names For Yakuza Voices

Mark Hamill, Michael Madsen and other stars are lined up to provide voice acting for SEGA's upcoming Yakuza game. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Bundles Are Pricey

Play.com has a PS3 + 60GB hard drive + three games bundle priced at a hefty 549 £ (roughly $1,016). Read More »

Video Game Golf Goes MMO

After a year-long beta test, the first 3D online golf game with RPG/multiplayer features will release this summer. Read More »

Louisiana Passes Jack Thompson’s Law

Thompson's anti-game law has made it through the state’s House and Senate and will now go to Gov. Blanco. Read More »

Jack Thompson On Another Witch Hunt

Thompson continues to take other people’s very real personal tragedies for use to further his own twisted agenda. Read More »

Getting Tough On Video Games

By trying to make it illegal to rent or sell games to minors, the federal government is overstepping its boundaries. Read More »

Video Game Addicts Get Their Own Clinic

Is video game addiction a real phenomenon or just hype designed to earn consultants money? Read More »

PS3 Price A Liability?

The PS3's expected high price is putting gamers off, but considering the features it’s actually kind of a deal. Read More »

Halo Movie Delayed Until 2008

If the IMDb is to be believed, Peter Jackson's Halo movie has been pushed back until 2008. Read More »