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The War on Obama, and The Death of Civility in America

The most serious casualty in this war on Obama, is the death of civility and fair play in America. Read More »

Why Sarah Palin Will Never be President

Ms. Palin will not sit down and shut up, nor will she ever be president of the United States. Read More »

Egypt Without Mubarak -– What Lies Ahead?

What will the future bring without longtime ally of the West, Hosni Mubarak? Read More »

Sarah Shoots Herself in the Foot — Again

If Sarah Palin wants to run in 2012, she will have to learn to take direction and moderate her speech. Read More »

Barack Obama and the New Republican Challenge

How well will Barack Obama be able to deal with the new balance of power in Congress? Read More »

U.S. Investigation of Julian Assange: Legal Process or Witch-Hunt?

Julian Assange's real crime is the loss of face he caused some powerful people. Read More »

KORUS: Good for South Korea, but Who Else?

The KORUS trade pact is good for S. Korea, but who else benefits? Read More »

The Great WikiLeaks Conspiracy

With all the furor directed at Julian Assange, it is easy to forget that WikiLeaks only published these documents. Read More »

Korea — Deja Vu All Over Again?

Once again the two sides of the divided Korea are close to all-out war. Read More »

From Obama-mania to Obama-phobia – What Went Wrong?

Barack Obama's lack of political savvy may doom his chances for a second term in office. Read More »