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Book Review: Lullabies From Hell

The four stories in Lullabies From Hell will show you how demented Hideshi Hino's manga can be. Read More »

DVD Review: Frankenstein vs. The Creature From Blood Cove

A campy review of a campy film: cheap shots, cheesy double-entendres, and puerile, trashy prose writing. Read at your own risk. Read More »

DVD Review: Naina

Bollywood meets J-Horror in this surprisingly effective Hindi remake of The Eye. Read More »

Movie Review: House

William Katt moves into his aunt's strange home, and confronts a closet filled with nightmares, and his own demons. Read More »

If the Door Creaks, Don’t Go In First!

What horror films need are more dumb victims, not smarter ones. Read More »

Movie Review: Silent Hill

Stunningly creepy imagery and horrific makeup effects are overshadowed by a confusing script and weak acting. Read More »

Movie Review: Freaks

Still a disturbing film today, Tod Browning's bizarre and daring magnum opus is an amateurish endeavor with flashes of brilliance. Read More »

Movie Review: See No Evil

Predictable, but surprisingly effective terror romp. Read More »

DVD Review: Cemetery Man: Zombies, Sex and Guns, Oh My!

Anchor Bay Entertainment brings this forgotten gem to DVD, with pristene clarity and an informative documentary. Read More »

DVD Review: The Call of Cthulhu

An entertaining and faithful cinematic version of the classic story. Read More »