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A Very British Constitutional Dilemma

David Cameron is the Sarah Palin of British Politics - buddying up to News Corp. But will Murdoch bring him down? Read More »

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband – ALL WIMPS

Is Rupert Murdoch a fit and proper person to have the influence he has? And if not, what should be done about it? Read More »

Satire: If it Offend Thee, Cut it Off

How did Rupert Murdoch's empire get so powerful, and what is he going to do with it? Silvio Berlusconi may have a few tips. Read More »

The Dilnot Report: Dignity for the Elderly, or a Modern Parable?

The Dilnot report offers dignity to the elderly. How do different people interpret it? Read More »

Is UK a Mini-Europe, a Disfunctional Single Currency?

Is UK a disfunctional single currency, with a rich productive South East and a bunch of "sick men"? It certainly looks that way Read More »

The UK NHS: Is it All About U-turns?

What is it about health care that makes passions run so high, and politicians get so close to apoplectic fits? Read More »