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A Byrd of a different feather

This should be sufficiently irritating to the lefties — one of their counter-culture heroes has joined the other team. The group played benefits for Robert Kennedy three months before his assassination in 1968. “He was probably the best of the Kennedy family,” Hillman said. “He was a fighter. He went after Hoffa and organized crime, and he was a principled ... Read More »

An immigrant who loved the West

One of the most impressive western artists was a Dane by the name of Olaf Weighorst. Weighorst immigrated to the United States in 1918. He made his living with the New York Police Department and the U.S. Calvary, but spent whatever time he could traveling through the West gathering material for his paintings. When he retired in 1945, he settled ... Read More »

Surfing through record bins

It all started with a single record. One evening, my wife brought home Dave Rose's "The Stripper and Other Fun Songs for the Family." She spent 50 cents on it in a thrift store in Thousand Oaks. Read More »

Lee Rocker deserves better from me

"Bulletproof" isn't going to convince any non-rockabilly fans to get tattoos and slick back their hair, but for those of us who are already greased up and ready to go, Rocker's latest disk is full of fire and fun. Read More »

The real dot con

I can’t decide what in this story is hardest to believe: That people would actually buy stuff via spam That lots of people would actually buy stuff via spam That lots of people would buy a penis enlargement product via spam That some guys would pay lots of money for large quantities of a penis enlargement product That the spam ... Read More »

Bravo boys, bravo

The premise: Five gay guys (The Fab Five) enter the life of one hapless straight man and give him a total life makeover. They redecorate his living quarters, redress him, teach him how to cook, teach him manners and grooming and even improve his CD collection, if necessary. Read More »

Go Seabiscuit, go

Are these hard times? Well, it’s not quite 1933, or even 1943, but we are less than two years removed from Sept. 11. We’ve recently fought two wars and are now deep into reconstructing a damaged nation. Our economy is faltering. It seems, maybe, that we could use some good news or maybe a happy story. Where’s Frank Capra when ... Read More »

Music in the mail

I'm listening it now. It's everything I've come to expect from Arizona's finest C&W-Rock-Rockabilly-Blues-Folk band. Lots of foreboding, defilement, crunchy guitars, pounding drums, and dust on the trail. Read More »