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Supermarket strike — week 3

One thing I hear from people when talking about this is, "Yeah, but Safeway Co. is turning a profit." As if that's an argument against cutting benefits. Well, let's be clear on something. It's Safeway's fiduciary responsibility to turn profits. Read More »


This is the punk way to do it, right? … write, record, mix, master and release a new song in a single night! Here it is, Trouble and Turmoil. P.S. There’s nothing political about it. Read More »

Money-grubbin’ capitalists

I offered the old man a ride to Trader Joe's to buy some tofu. "Nope, I can't cross a picket line," he said. I tried to explain that Trader Joe's was non-union. "Nope. I can't do it." So, I stated the obvious. "But you've got to eat." He shook his head and said, "I've got plenty of food in the house." Read More »

The Recall Quagmire

Today's Times piece is devastating. It paints a dark picture of our future governor. He is a man who doesn't root for the underdog, like most of us do; rather he teases and tortures the weak and the powerless. Read More »

Seattle Mountain Music

The difference is subtle, but mountain music and bluegrass are not the same thing. Both revolve around banjos and fiddles, but where bluegrass strikes the high, lonesome sound and aching harmonies, mountain music is more closely the white man’s blues. Mountain music tends to get overlooked, but the tunes of Appalachia are a deep well of human emotion. So why ... Read More »

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is such a complete man. He is the prototypical all-American male. He out John Waynes John Wayne, is more rugged than Clint Eastwood, has more class than Frank Sinatra, makes Ronald Reagan look like a flag burner, cares for the downtrodden and exploited more than Michael Moore and is no less faithful than Billy Graham. Read More »