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DIY — Woke Up This Morning

Since I “released” my last song (those, of course, are real scare quotes), I’ve written two more songs. I mentioned one previously, and mentioned that I wasn’t playing it yet well enough to record it. Well now I’m playing it well, but still haven’t recorded a final version of it. Meantime, I’ve written a third song. It’s called (original title ... Read More »

Master and Commander

Master and Commander does for early 19th Century naval warfare what Saving Private Ryan did for D-Day. It is gritty, nuanced and spectacular without being forced. It never plucks the wrong note. It doesn’t beat you over the head with plot twists, or overplay its dramatic crescendos. It is a sea adventure without swashbuckling cliches. It is Moby Dick without ... Read More »

Baghdad or bust

Will "internationalization" fix things? Will it save American lives? Will it end terrorists' strikes? Will it convince the lion to lay with the lamb? Read More »

The Man Post

The way I see it, Michael Moore must be Kim du Toit's favorite American Male. Who better than Moore personifies the fat, ugly slob as hero? It takes a real man like Moore to stand up, display his idiocy to the world and not hide in shame. Hell, Moore even owns guns. Read More »

Winter’s dread

It’s the dead time of the year. Yes, the leaves are changing color. Bears are hibernating and sparrows are migrating. But the deadness of fall and winter has to do with forces far more fundamental than Mother Nature’s cornucopia. It is the time of year when God snoozes. Football (yawn). Basketball (snooze). Hockey (zzzzzz). There isn’t even a good golf ... Read More »

A checker’s tale

We needed some supplies tonight, so I stopped at the Von’s on Telephone Road after work. As I walked the isles picking up a half dozen items or so, the striking workers shouted into the store, “Boycott Von’s. Don’t Shop Von’s.” At the checkout stand, a youngish black woman said to the checker, “How irritating.” “We just ignore it,” the ... Read More »

Numbers vs. words

The more I get into programming, the more I regret all of the math classes I slept through, and all of the math solutions I assiduously worked to forget as soon as the term was over. Read More »

Quein Sera

The best reason to prowl thrift stores, picking through dusty bins of old LPs is the chance that you might find a hidden treasure — a forgotten piece of music that remains obscure, but is still remarkable. To this day, I think my best find was a single song — “Quien Sera,” performed by an unknown group of Porta Rican ... Read More »