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Who’s the enemy now?

The thinking behind drug enforcement and child-porn prosecution is that if you target the users, you take away the market. But what if this thinking is backwards? What if, in reality, so long as there are producers, there will be a market. Read More »

To a Young Poet I Once Knew

I now forget the initial inspiration for the poem, but its not hard to imagine that I had recently read some morose poem and thought it a bit overwrought. The whole goth thing is not very interesting to me. Reading it now, I can't help but think of Kurt Cobain. Read More »

Henry Gould

When you read: O to be lifted foreverin the resonant ark,your salt-stung aria! you know you are not reading a po-mo poet. Thank you to Joseph Duemer for first turning me on to Henry Gould. It’s been a long time since I found a living poet I could admire. I’ve just added his book Way Stations: Poems 1985-1997 to my ... Read More »

Meeting famous people

I don't ask for autographs -- my thinking is, I've already gotten more from these people than I deserve, so why ask them to give me something else. I'm there to give them something -- my admiration. Everybody craves admiration. Read More »