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Drug-Test Politicians – All of Them


Congress ought to lead by example and initiate this requirement for themselves. After all, most American workers are drug tested. Read More »

The Kelly Files: White Christmas, White Santa


Megyn Kelly looks into the television camera and speaks in a manner that suggests she thinks there are only white children in Santa Claus’s world. Read More »

On ‘Roots,’ ‘Django Unchained,’ ’12 Years a Slave,’ Eight Years a President and Race in America


It’s been over 400 years, this black burden. That’s a long time; how far have we come? Read More »

Racist Congressional Obstructionism: History Will Be the Judge


The Republicans of today will not be able to wriggle loose from the judgments of history. Read More »

Unwrapping Django Unchained

Older African Americans tend to be offended by what they regard as a disrespectful exploitation of our holocaust. Read More »

Don’t Wake Them, Let Them Sleep

Republicans don’t see the need to expand the party beyond white men if they can suppress the vote of the rising minority. I say more power to them. Don’t wake them, let them sleep. Read More »

The Speech That Would Make Romney President

What Romney should be using on the stump. Read More »

Republicans in South Carolina Ensure Obama’s Reelection

Did South Carolina Republican voters deal a mortal blow to Republican chances to unseat Obama? Read More »

Obama’s Authenticity Shines Through Bombastic Inquisition

Barack Obama proves to be a self-actualized President. Read More »

A Biased Look at FOX News

"Some People Say..." Read More »