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Mosquitoes are small flying insects that belong to the fly family Culicidae. While there are thousands of different species of mosquitoes, most are known for biting humans and causing severe reactions that include swelling, itching, sickness, and even death as they can transmit dangerous diseases like Malaria. Only female mosquitoes feed on the blood of living vertebrates (including humans) as ... Read More »


A pesticide is any chemical used to control pests. Often confused with insecticides, pesticides are a larger term to describe insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and all other chemicals for various pest control applications. Pesticides can work in various ways. Some work by contact, meaning that the chemical only needs to touch the target pest to begin working. Some need to be ... Read More »

rat poison

Rat poison is used as a part of rat control programs in residential and commercial spaces. Often used in conjunction with traps, poisons are commonly placed in bait stations. There are several different types of rat poisons available, but the most common now is anticoagulant rat poison, because there is an antidote readily available if non-target animals ingest the poison. ... Read More »


Mosquitoes are small aquatic flies that are found in most areas around the world. Known mostly for the itchy bites they cause, only the adult females take a blood meal, which is needed for egg development. Most species are most active at twilight or after dark. Mosquitoes develop in stagnant or slow-moving water. These breeding sites can be as small ... Read More »

desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization provides the ability to keep a personal computer desktop separate from a physical computer that is run by a client server computing model. With desktop virtualization, virtual machines can be used to allow several network users to maintain their own desktops on one, central computer. As you can imagine, the benefits of this technology are huge. Virtualization is ... Read More »

virtualization security

Virtualization is becoming one of the most valuable advancements in technology for our day. Because of its many benefits, companies and organizations all over the world are adopting it. Not only does it provide companies with more operational abilities, but it also helps to increase efficiency. As with other technological advancements that are widely adopted, virtualization has its risks and ... Read More »


Herbicides are chemicals used to kill or inhibit the growth of plants. There are species-specific herbicides that will affect only certain plants, and non-specific herbicides, which affect any plant they come in contact with. Herbicides can work on contact (fast acting) or systematically by being absorbed into the roots and shutting down plant functions from the inside of the plant. ... Read More »

wedding photos

If you are getting married anytime soon then you have likely been thinking about wedding photos. Many people hire professional wedding photographers because there are been far too many cases where a friend was asked to shoot a wedding and ended up ruining or losing all the picture files. One of the best things about having professional wedding photos is ... Read More »


Mice are very small mammals that belong to the rodent family. They live in homes, businesses, open fields and near agricultural lands. Cold weather brings them into human structures in search of food and shelter. They will eat a variety of things but prefer grains and seeds. They tend to sample their food before moving on to a different food ... Read More »


Rats are small, mostly nocturnal rodents that have keen senses of smell, taste, and hearing. They can survive eating garbage and other waste, but would rather eat meat and grains. Rats are able to memorize their environment and can to gain access to structures by chewing, jumping, or climbing. Often, rats are lumped into the pest category, as they are ... Read More »