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Go, You Chicken Fat, Go

If you attended grade school during the 60’s, you probably heard “Chicken Fat” several times a week. Well, it’s available today on mp3 at Otis Fodder’s amazing and wonderful 365 Days Project. A song written by Meredith Wilson of “Music Man” fame. It was commissioned by John Kennedy for his new Youth Fitness Program. A copy of this record was ... Read More »

Don’t Spend It All In One Place

How big a cut are the Recording Artists getting out of those 99 cent downloads? Are the Record Companies licensing the downloads legally entitled to do so? Looking at the second question first, the answer is probably Yes in many cases, No in others. Artists successful enough to afford lawyers capable of taking on EMI, Sony or Time Warner AOL ... Read More »

Warren Zevon’s Upcoming CD

Some Hollywood reporter on the radio this morning said that Warren Zevon’s next album will be released in August. Neither Warren’s website, Artemis, Yahoo or Google had any confirming information that I could find, but the first had a nice photo of Warren getting an examination from a Doctor of Journalism. The Clear Channel Country Radio Station from Johnstown, PA’s ... Read More »