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Boxing Sucks

There, I said it. I feel better now. I’ve been feeling this way for years but after this past couple of weeks, I’ve finally come to grips with my sentiments regarding the sport. You see, I really enjoy this sport – when its good. But lately, it just hasn’t been very good at all. It’s been quite the opposite. And ... Read More »

Worst Morning Ever

Have you ever had one of “those mornings?” You know the ones. The mornings when so many things go wrong, you’re convinced your day is doomed before it even really begins. Today I had one of those mornings. It began when my alarm went off. The ring was the customary piercing beep that has been waking me up for years. ... Read More »

Pearl Jam Live

Today was an absolutely miserable day where I live. The contents of the day were ok (so far) but the weather just plain sucked. It was one of those dark, overcast days marked by spotty rain and a damp coolness that has made me revisit the theory that I have circulation problems. (That’s a convoluted way of saying I was ... Read More »

The Tao of Road House

There are certain things that you learn to appreciate as you grow older. Usually, upon experiencing these things, you wonder how you ever lived without them before that day. Everyone has examples of these and it’s a list that grows as you age. One of the items on my list is the movie Road House starring Patrick Swayze. Yes, you ... Read More »

God Talk

I recently read a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book had a pretty heavy spiritual theme. Surprisingly, despite being a self proclaimed godless heathen, I found that theme very engaging. It really spoke to me, which is why I told basically everyone I know about the book. In fact I recommend you give it a read. I ... Read More »

Blogcritics Proves The Penn Is Not Mightier

Last week, I opened my front door in the morning and grabbed the day’s newspaper. On the front page was a dramatic picture of Sean Penn in a boat, looking like he was reaching out to rescue someone who was not in the picture. “Cool,” I thought to myself. After all, in the wake of hurricane Katrina, I still hadn’t ... Read More »

Terry Fox: Not Who I Expected

I was watching the movie Adaptation starring Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep and Nicholas Cage (it will make sense if you watch the movie). Anyway, it was a great movie but one small piece of dialogue stuck with me. It involved a scene where one of Cage’s characters is interviewing Streep’s character and asks her if there was any historical figure ... Read More »