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The Next Big Thing

In a country where ‘long term’ is 4 years (if you keep your hands off the interns), it’s no surprise that getting together the capital to invest in long term infrastructure is almost impossible. However, if you have the ‘Next Big Thing’ you can potentially raise billions. Is IPv6 the Next Big Thing? [IPv6] shorthand for Internet Protocol Version 6[…] ... Read More »

Office 2003 XML by Lenz, McRae & St. Laurent

XML opens up content that was previously locked in proprietary file formats, allowing better interoperation between the Office tools, and also 3rd party tools. Read More »

The Universe of Philip Straub

There’s an interesting article about the work of Philip Straub, digital painting master on CGNetworks.com: Welcome to the vibrant universe of Philip Straub –filled on the one hand with meticulously detailed visions of the bizarre, dreamlike, and unimagined and on the other with though-provoking contemporary works. From these to concept design to imaginative illustrations and fantastically-lit digital paintings, Straub’s work ... Read More »

Outlook Bandwidth Dial Plug-in

I recently saw a great new plugin for Microsoft Outlook. If you’re like me, you get tons of email each day. The problem with Outlook is that you only get metrics on how many emails are in your InBox (and other folders) and how many of those emails are unread. What I would like are some more metrics on how ... Read More »

The HURRICANE is coming!

Despite the danger of being cut in half by flying road signs, I will stay strapped to this pier throughout the storm in the hope that someone at the network affiliate will notice me. Read More »

Don’t get up

I always wonder about video conferences—does it really help communication to watch the remote people slouch-gazing at a spot two feet right of everyone in the room? Read More »

I-Robot vs. I-Pod vs. I-Monkey

Human survival depends on paranoia. We just know there’s some malicious creature out there ready to fight us for the helm of Spaceship Earth. But Alien vs. Predator has been done already, so I’m fretting over the latest terrestrial threats instead: I-Robot, I-Pod, and I-Monkey. As a species, we’re just smart enough to realize we’re stupid…stupid enough to create robots ... Read More »

Shameless plug

From techdirt: […] Amazon has apparently had enough of authors reviewing their own books on the site and has put in a new system that will require a credit card as proof of identification before you can add a new review to the site. Might be interesting to see what kind of impact this has on reviews… and sales. Perhaps ... Read More »