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Now That Iraq Has Gone So Well, Part II

As American deaths in Iraq pass 2,000, our President wants to open a new killing field in Syria: Bush told Al Arabiya television channel … what the U.S. would do if Syria did not change its policies: "We’re going to use our military. It is the last, very last option. No commander in chief likes to commit the military, and ... Read More »

Emergency Relief: [By] Business As Usual

With Katrina relief costs estimated to be as much as $250 billion dollars, business lobbyists have taken over the process. First, FEMA handed out a series of no-bid contracts to Halliburton and others. Now, the lobbyists have taken over the Louisiana Katrina Reconstruction Act and are handing out billions of dollars to the firms they represent. "Lobbyists representing transportation, energy ... Read More »

Rich Man, Poor Man: Ain’t Life Grand?

We keep hearing how well "the economy" is doing (up 3.8% last year) but somehow or other that doesn’t seem to translate into our lives, or those of our neighbors. That’s because the gains are going to the rich, the losses are creating even more poor. And even the business press is starting to notice: Business Week 08/08/2005 (Story links ... Read More »

VOIP Is Here – It’s Great, It’s Cheap And It’s Easy

First, go to the Skype site, download their software and install it on your computer (Mac or Windows). (Story links open in new windows) Now – assuming you have a sound card, microphone and speakers – you can make a voice call to any other computer with Skype installed. And you can conference up to four people at a time. ... Read More »

The Economy: The Boom Is A Bust For Most

We keep hearing how well the economy is doing. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 4.4% last year. Total household net worth is up to $45 trillion. Unemployment is down to 5.2%. Productivity is projected to grow at 2.75% for the next several years. Sounds great, but many people hear the words and wonder, because their own reality doesn’t feel ... Read More »

Leading Edge Wireless: Philadelphia Versus The Right Wing

Australia has turned all of Sydney into a high-speed hot-spot, and users get much faster broadband service than we do – for less. In America, on the other hand, the political right wing is trying to kill a similar low-cost system. The battleground is in Philadelphia right now, but all was peaches and cream in 2002. Back then, businesses were ... Read More »

The Bush Budget: Lies And Legerdemain

The new Bush budget starts with a lie. President Bush promised to cut the deficit in half during this term, so he starts his cost-cutting crusade with an inflated deficit number. The real 2004 budget deficit was $412 billion dollars, so he adds another $109 billion to make his deficit target half of $521 billion. It’s a lie, pure and ... Read More »