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Thank you, NanoWorld

Just a few hours into my new freelance career, and offers were coming in to write for various publications. Not to mention the many, many notes I've received from supporters around the world. You all gave me reason to hope at the end of a very emotional day. Read More »

Crossing the blood-game barrier

Any nano-knowledgable gamers out there who can write? I can offer no money for nano-themed game reviews, but I can offer you nano-fame at the price of total loss of respect from your peers. Send me a note if you're interested. Read More »

Initial Perilous Offering

Before you call your broker with the Nanosys news, take a look at this. It's an excerpt from Nanosys' SEC registration statement, and should be required reading for anybody who is contemplating an investment in a public nanotechnology company. Read More »

The Tale of Tomalia

Close followers of Howard Lovy's NanoBot know that I'm naturally attracted to people who are considered on the fringe. Good writers are often "outsiders," themselves. But even within that crowd, I'm often an outsider among outsiders. Read More »