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The Jaguar F-Type and the Keepers of The Faith

Can the Jaguar F-Type rekindle the magic of the E-Type, 50 years on? Read More »

A Bullet Wound Named “Solidarity”

On July 22, 2011, Ina Libak was shot four times by a right wing extremist. She named her wounds after her core values. Read More »

Police Interrogator Knew Alleged Victim in Assange Case

The Swedish police interrogator who first interviewed the alleged victims in the Assange rape case was a friend of one of them. Read More »

I Witnessed a Murder Today

The demise of an aeronautically challenged housefly at the many hands of an arachnid killer. Read More »

The Most Interesting Ad in the World

When does the most commercial thing in the world, a TV ad campaign, become art? Read More »

Dinosaur Ballet

Watching 747s taxi and perch brings home the point that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Read More »

Being Norwegian in America

Or how I learned to relax and say "I'm fine thanks, how are you?" a lot. Read More »