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Rename Your Town and Earn Big Bucks

EchoStar Communications Corporation announced yesterday a promotion through which a town’s residents will receive free satellite televison service for 10 years for permanently renaming itself “Dish.” This initiative is a logical extension of marketing efforts that have included renaming sports stadiums and buying advertising space on individuals’ foreheads. Despite the free publicity that EchoStar is already receiving for this advertising ... Read More »

DVD Review: The Milagro Beanfield War

In May of this year, 17 years after its theatrical release, The Milagro Beanfield War finally became available on DVD. Directed by Robert Redford, the film tells the story of a conflict affecting the residents of Milagro, New Mexico when one of them decides to plant pinto beans. “Milagro” means miracle as is befitting a place in which the commonplace ... Read More »

Oxford American Southern Music Edition on Newstands

The only magazine to which I subscribe is Oxford American. It features the best of writing with an emphasis on the culture and traditions of the American South. Although I have never lived outside of Michigan, this quarterly journal of fiction, nonfiction and poetry never fails to include a quality of literature that makes me wonder whether my choice of ... Read More »

Choosing between Security and Liberty

The media have been reporting on the lawsuit filed by Brandon Mayfield who was arrested by the FBI last year in connection with the Madrid train bombings. It was believed that his finger print matched that found on detonators. He was later released with an apology from the FBI. Mr Mayfield’s lawsuit follows the release of an FBI email in ... Read More »

Governing Magazine article: Bloggers and State Politics

The July issue of Governing includes an article on the expanding role of bloggers in reporting on state politics. The article, “Instant Influence: A New Generation of Web Scribes is Sharking Up State Capitol Politics,” is available online here. The article focuses primarily on the bloggers’ reporting on Texas state politics. The competition that bloggers represent for traditional media is ... Read More »