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Book Review: Celebrate National Reading Month (Part One) with The Book Lovers’ Companion: What to Read Next

Capping off NEA’s National Reading Month, The Book Lovers' Companion offers a treasure trove of rewarding reads from classics to bestsellers, plus some obscure gems. Read More »

Book Review: Little Elvises (Junior Bender #2) by Timothy Hallinan

Biting humor marks Hallinan's hardboiled caper of “the crook’s cop” taking a case to keep himself from being framed. Or that's the way it started... Read More »

Book Review: The Thief of Auschwitz by Jon Clinch

In the heart of holocaustal darkness, “The boundaries are thin between one state of consciousness and another, between life and death, between dream and doom.” Read More »

Book Review: Completeness of the Soul: The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star by Jim Booth

Can a beleaguered Jay Breeze avoid “rock’s most common pitfalls—greed, egomania, and self-delusion”? Read More »

Book Review: Lives of Notorious Cooks by Brendan Connell

Playing fast and loose with some whimsical and witty “fictional biographies,” the inventive Connell’s oft-macabre manner helps propel over 50 flights of culinary fancy. Read More »

Book Review: The Lighthouse Road: A Novel by Peter Geye

The Lighthouse Road centers on the sense of kith and kinship within a community, in both its quiet moments and disquieting years. Read More »

Book Review: Mickey Cohen: The Life and Crimes of L.A.’s Notorious Mobster by Tere Tereba

A warts-and-all study of a figure who is mostly all warts, Mickey Cohen offers a cogent exploration of the "celebrity mobster" and his inextricable links with L.A. Read More »

Book Review: I Am a Magical Teenage Princess by Luke Geddes

Plundered from a panoply of American-pop-culture and treasured guilty pleasures, Geddes' stories conjure up many ripped-from-your-recollections topics. Read More »

Book Review: White Heat (P.I. Duke Rogers Series, Book 1) by Paul D. Marks

The 1992 Rodney King riots plays out from flashpoint to fiery embers as P.I. “Duke” Rogers pursues a case and “Atonement for being a lousy detective." Read More »

Book Review: The Bird Saviors by William J. Cobb

Set in a drought-ridden Colorado town of the near future, Cobbs’ gracefully-worded craftsmanship bespeaks volumes in a kaleidoscopically apocalyptic novel of multiple plotlines and shifting perspectives. Read More »