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Music Review: Roddy Woomble – My Secret Is My Silence (Import)

Where normally I get nervous about musicians leaving the folds of their bands, this time it’s a charm, both for Woomble and for others! Read More »

Book Review: Instance of the Fingerpost – by Iain Pears

Pears’ work as art historian and journalist enables him to lay out a compelling and intelligently written mystery, precise and accurate in every word. Read More »

Book Review: Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

A brilliantly crafted, stunning debut; rich, compulsively readable and deeply moving, this novel explores the way life takes unexpected turns. Read More »

The Hidden Abuses – Help for the Emotionally Beaten

Suggesting books and websites that could be your life-raft, offering liberation from your current confusion and possibly changing your life. Read More »

Book Review: Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra

As big, ambitious, multi-layered, contradictory, funny, sad, scary, violent, tender, complex, and irresistible as India itself. Read More »

The Pitfalls of Procrastination

What exactly is procrastination? Is it laziness, perfectionism, a lack of self-discipline, or a value judgment? Read More »

Book Review: The Glass Castle – A Memoir by Jeannette Walls

Mom stood 15 feet away, rags around her shoulders to keep out the spring chill and picking through the trash. Read More »

One-Upmanship, or I’m Better Than You Are

I have occasionally noticed this pattern in speech before and while it’s sometimes humorous, more often than not it's annoying. Read More »

Dealing With My Dad’s Disease

Dad loves reading funny books about having cancer, but with his unique outlook, he should be writing a book for others to read. Read More »

The Killer Kudzu

One plant in the 19th century in Philadelphia grew to millions of acres in the 21st. Read More »