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Tale of the Lonely Drop Shipper

I was going to be a drop shipper. A good one. A drop shipper amongst drop shippers. Read More »

The K2 Hubbub

K2 is vascularizing like an expensive rash. Read More »

Meditation: Getting Started Is Easy

Have you ever thought that you could not meditate, but you really wanted to? Read More »

A Bipolar Disorder Update

Looking past the joy and fun of bipolar disorder: a pharmaceutical update. Read More »

The River: An Exercise in Letting Go

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Read More »

My Experiences With Alzheimer’s Disease

It's good. It's bad. It is. Read More »

My First Ghost Hunting Experience

One woman's journey into the paranormal. Read More »

Why I Don’t Go To Weddings

The bridal march begins and the bride is stunning, but her hair is awfully dark. Who did that to her? Read More »

Seven Elements of Teen Flicks of the Last Decade

Elements of teen-age movies for the past 10 years. Read More »

Mirrored Fascination

Mirrors: not just for grooming. Read More »