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The OC: My guilty pleasure

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of The OC. This season’s weekly prime time guilty pleasure on Thursday nights for me has been The OC. I began watching the show mid season season one, and something hooked me in. Yes, it is another one of your angst driven teen dramas with every week something more and more devastating ... Read More »

What Dreams May Come: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win

What Dreams May Come is one of the movies that not only the story grabs you and doesn’t let go, but the visuals grab you as well. This movie is beautifully made, and it is quite easy to see why it won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects the year it was released. This movie is a tear jerker, so ... Read More »

Rob Thomas’ Something to be

Rob Thomas. A name that is becoming automatically recognizeable in today’s society. Whether you know him from his collaborations with such acts as Santana or Mick Jagger, or if you know of the music he has made with his group, Matchbox 20, there is a good chance you’ve heard of his name at least once in your life. His solo ... Read More »

Make Money Online – Only Not

Anyone that spends a great deal of time on the Internet would like to try to find some way to make some money just doing what they do every day. There are many types of programs online right now that are supposed to allow you to do just that. Make money while online. You can take surveys, read emails, or ... Read More »

Book Review: Key of Valor by Nora Roberts

Key of Valor by Nora Roberts is the third book in the exciting key trilogy. This series of books tell the story of three women chosen to release three demi goddesses that share their likeness. These demi goddesses have been locked in a a coma like state, soul less, for the last three thousand, and the only thing that can ... Read More »

A review of JJ Abram’s Lost

If you’re like myself and any number of people, perhaps even millions of people, Wednesday night has become the night where you find yourself plopping down in front of your television to watch the ABC television show, Lost. The show premiered this past fall, and it was the highest premiere debut for a show on ABC in nearly nine years. ... Read More »

The L Word: Queer as Folk for lesbians?

Two years ago, word was leaked out into the media about the creation of a Queer as Folk type show focusing on lesbians. The show was much hyped long before its premiere in early 2004. Queer as Folk changed the look of cable television with the showing of blatant gay male sex. It didn’t hold back, and it brought gay ... Read More »

CD Review: Will Smith – Lost & Found

Will Smith. A name you immediately recognize. Most associate it with blockbuster summer movies. Other associate it with rap lyrics with a positive message behind them. People also know him as a devoted husband and father. In the last two decades, Will Smith is a name people have come to know. But music is where he began. His first CD ... Read More »

It All Started In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

May 19th. That day might not mean anything to the normal person, but for those that began a journey nearly thirty years ago to a galaxy far, far away. May 19th means the end of an era and a way of life. That is the day that the final installment of the Star Wars Saga will be released to theatres, ... Read More »