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The Unpredictable Political Circus

Bill Haslam kept his cool while others wanted to know about his taxes but he did not give up the map to his treasure chest. Read More »

“Why I Serve”: A Conversation With A Marine

As Independence Day is fast approaching, his words about freedom are playing over and over in my head. Read More »

Local Politics from Around the Country

Al Greene, an unemployed black man who seems slow to media correspondents, beat Vic Rawls, a seasoned white politician that everyone thought should have won. Read More »

A Conversation with Rachel Lozano, Cancer Survivor and Glamour 2008 Woman of the Year

Her opening remarks, “Cancer is the absolute best and worst thing that has ever happened to me,” were said with a smile. Read More »

Bobby Jindal 2.0

While Jindal knocks Washington spending as he builds his national profile, he is shoring up his local support by spending Washington money. Read More »

There is More to Come

With three HBCU’s within a mile of each other that spend millions, there should be an economic boom town around the Jefferson Street area. Read More »