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Supreme Court Justices: The Next Reality TV Stars

Would you want to try a case before a Supreme Court composed of Justices who have lives resembling the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Read More »

Michael Steele’s Coonery Tour Has Ended

Steele, a bright and intelligent person prior to becoming a national political figure, became someone who played up the worst stereotypes of Black in mainstream media. Read More »

Not Just Bedbugs: Pests Plague the Homeless Community

Bedbugs are all the rage on the nightly news of late, but pest problems routinely plague the homeless. Read More »

An Ironman with a Soft Heart: Chuck Beard Trains for Families with Cancer

Ironman athlete Chuck Beard is devoted to helping families struggling with cancer. Read More »

A Report from the First “Women, Leadership, Faith” Conference

A black woman multi-millionaire and a Navajo chief’s great-great-granddaughter speaking at a conference in Nashville on leadership and faith? This I had to see! Read More »

Pastor Terry Jones: Byproduct of Christian Protests that Produce UnGodly Behavior

Pastor Jones has even saints scratching their heads wondering who ordained the minister and founder of Burn the Koran Day. Read More »

Christian Protests that Produce Ungodly Behavior

With all the Christ-centered organizations based in Middle Tennessee, the anti-Muslim behavior of some church folks are keeping us in the national spotlight. Read More »

My Summer at the Frist Center

Hell or high water, we were going to have a glamorous fashion photo shoot on Thursday, August 5. Read More »

I Hire White People

Black Enterprise, Ebony, and many other national and regional ethnic publications have all hired White folks to work for them. Read More »

Why Blacks Watch FOX News and Listen to Rush Limbaugh

When it comes to diversity, FOX actually has the other networks beat when it comes to commentators and guests that support their viewpoint and even those who disagree with FOX’s narrative. Read More »