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Mumbai-based lawyer and weekly columnist for a local newspaper.

Mongrels All

GODS, MONGRELS & DEMONS By Angus Calder Angus Calder’s thesis, summarized on the dust jacket flap, is that the weird deserve centre-stage because these creatures are the zeitgeist of our world and, quite independently, are inherently interesting. He argues that they may even be more telling than better-known entities. Calder’s choice of characters isn’t just odd or screwball-funny; it’s truly ... Read More »

Mark Haddon: indifferent, at best

Generally, I find I like what the book reviewers of The Economist and the New York Times like. Not so with the TLS, which I find thin or the New York Review of Books which is so densely high-brow that I can use it only seldom. So when Jay McInerney wrote a rave review in the New York Times of ... Read More »

Two disappointments from Dan Brown

Perhaps I ought to have paid more attention to “The Da Vinci Code”. It was such an irresistibly delightful lark that I didn’t look very closely at the language. Certainly, nothing dreadful jumped out and whacked you in the face. This isn’t true, however, of “Deception Point” or “Digital Fortress”. Like “Da Vinci Code”, they’re silly and slight, the kind ... Read More »

Books on books

Lynn Truss’s “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” turned out to be an utterly delightful discovery. It was a journey into a land I love — punctuation. The lady is endearingly nutty: she once picketed the movie Two Weeks Notice with an apostrophe on a stick, wanting to bring the apostrophe back into the title, after Weeks. But it is full of ... Read More »