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Suffering Through the BCS

Another college football champion has been crowned by the BCS and nothing is settled. Stop trying. Just abolish the BCS. Read More »

Sarah Palin – Did I Mention She’s a Maverick?

The Republicans may be claiming victory in Thursday night's debate, but what did Sarah Palin really accomplish anyway? Read More »

Let Obama be Obama

The Democrats are nervous and want Obama to channel their rage. Relax. Obama just needs to be Obama. Read More »

Phil Savage’s Blind Spot

The Cleveland Browns' undoing may be the result of Phil Savage's biggest blind spot -- head coach Romeo Crennel Read More »

Well, There He Goes Again

The selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate may be historic, but that doesn't mean it's not bizarre Read More »

The Stench from Cincinnati Bengals’ Camp

Bengals owner Mike Brown sells what little is left of his soul in re-signing Chris Henry Read More »

The Cleveland Browns Enter the Rarified Air of Expectations

With expectations coming from everywhere, the only thing the Cleveland Browns can do is disappoint Read More »

Beyond Just Manny Being Manny

Manny Ramirez can talk. And this time he talked himself right out of Boston. Read More »

Guiliani’s Son Channels Kramer, Sues Duke University

Andrew Giuliani's dream of the PGA Tour probably has less chance than Kramer's dream of playing the Senior Tour. Read More »

John Daly: He Used to be Someone

John Daly's circus act at the Open Championship shows just how far he's veered off course Read More »