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Fatimah Ali and Her Own Little Race War

Heads up Whitey - the race war is ON NOW!!! Read More »

Sarah Palin the Moose Hunter Makes B. Hussein Obama Her Beyatch

If Barack Obama can't handle this dumb hick moose hunter, is he ready to deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin? Read More »

Barack Obama, The New Yorker, and the Inoculation of Satire

So here I am, the goat again. (Hey, that could be my epitaph.) Read More »

Movie Review: WALL-E, The Wicked Scare Tactics Of A Cute Robot

It's wicked when Pentecostals or Disney indoctrinate children through apocalyptic fear... Read More »

Heller, Eugene Robinson, and Dred Scott

the people have to have a right to keep guns exactly in order to keep the military regulated Read More »

My Libertarian Blues and Ron Paul in Disgrace (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hillary Clinton)

Ann Coulter, Al Barger and Richard Mellon Scaife can't ALL be wrong in supporting Hillary. Read More »

Jeremiah Wright Ain’t Much of a Christian

Only in God damn America Read More »

DVD Review: The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Monty Python's Flying Circus is pretty much the comedy equivalent of Elvis Presley's Sun sessions, where the old suddenly became the new. Read More »

Jonah Goldberg vs. Jon Stewart

It'll take more than a smirk and a bluff to win an argument with Darth Jonah Goldberg Read More »

DVD Review: The States – A History Channel Documentary Series

This documentary series on The States is all random and scatter-shot, but it's all good. Read More »