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War, Propaganda, and Art in Inglourious Basterds

Nazi propaganda filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl by rights should have been taken out after the war and shot. Read More »

In Enthusiastic and Sincere Praise of AIG Bonuses

These $165 million in bonuses to AIG executives might be the best bargain the taxpayers ever had. Read More »

South Park Is Inappropriate For Young Children – Unless They Watch It

Young children wading unsupervised in the cesspools of modern culture might need to see South Park. Read More »

Eric Holder’s Demagoguery, Legislation Writing Chimps, the Not-So-Magic Negro and the Monkey That Became President

Would you rather have a monkey up in Washington, DC, or the not-so-Magic Negro making monkeys out of you and me? Read More »

Read the Damned Bill Amendment: A (Truly) Modest Proposal for Good Government

Let's read aloud, shall we? Read More »

The Anti-FedEx Al Qaeda Massacre Movement

If you ship with FedEx, the terrorists win. Read More »

Sarah Palin vs. the “Elite” Republicans

Anti-Palin Republican "elites" ain't really so elite. Read More »

Bitches Get Stuff Done: The “Palin Doctrine” on SNL‘s Election Eve Presidential Bash

This 'joking' baring of the fangs re-inforces my impression that Sarah Palin's bitch enough for the job. Read More »

Sarah Palin Ain’t Much of a Redneck

Todd Palin and Levi Johnston should have taken care of this Troopergate long ago. Read More »

Racism, My White A$$

Damned racists sonsabitches won't vote for Lord God B Hussein Obama! I think I'ma declare a jihad! Read More »