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Freelance writing, indie filmmaker, and all around pain in the...

Book Review: ‘Deep Space’ by Ian Douglas


The fourth book in the "Star Carrier" series ups the action considerably. Read More »

Book Review: A Beach Less Traveled: From Corporate Chaos to Flip-Flop Perfumer by John Berglund

What happens when two Americans decide to leave their comfortable life behind and open a business by a Caribbean beach? Read More »

Book Review: True Strength by Kevin Sorbo

What's it like to be seen by millions of people around the world as Hercules while quietly battling a serious illness? Read More »

Book Review: The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide: Make Your Feature Film for $2,000 by Glenn Berggoetz

Despite my quibbles, every aspiring filmmaker should read this book. Read More »

Book Review: Street Freak: A Memoir of Money and Madness by Jared Dillian

A Memoir of Money and Madness that recounts the author's seven years as a trader on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers. Read More »

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau by Guy Adams

Guy Adams's latest novel is a fun read, but it's not anything like the classic Sherlock Holmes stories. Read More »

Book Review: Secret London: Unusual Bars and Restaurants by Rachel Howard

Secret London: Unusual Bars and Restaurants by Rachel Howard showcases more than a hundred places with bizarre décor, eccentric owners, amazing food, and hard-to-locations. Read More »

Book Review: Secret London An Unusual Guide by Rachel Howard and Bill Nash

As its name implies, this a guidebook to some of the more obscure, off-the-beaten path destinations in London. Read More »

Book Review: Secret New York: An Unusual Guide by T.M. Rives

Great for anyone looking to discover some of the obscure and often way off-the-beaten path destinations. Read More »

Book Review: Wheelspin: The Agile Executive’s Manifesto by Mike Richardson

This book had so much promise, but it soon deteriorated into loosely connected corporate buzzwords. Read More »