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Indy 500: The Legacy Series

Want to know everything about the historic race — or at least 40 years worth? This 5 DVD boxed set takes you down through the years. Warning: it runs longer than the race itself! The first ever boxed set of its kind, THE INDIANAPOLIS 500: THE LEGACY SERIES races into stores April 26th offering fans an in-depth look at the ... Read More »

FDR: A Presidency Revealed

[Part Two — see Part One here.] Tonight’s episode [April 18, 9 pm], takes us into FDR’s second two terms as president, which is essentially the story of one leader’s valiant attempt to prepare and guide a nation through war. It’s no spoiler to reveal that FDR died as the beginning of his fourth term. Nor is it a stretch ... Read More »

FDR: A Presidency Revealed

This four-hour documentary on FDR proves the notion that the further away you move away from events, the more nuanced assessments can be made. Airing in two parts on the History Channel, FDR: A Presidency Revealed, brings to light aspects of Roosevelt’s character and events in his life that molded him into the president that guided America out of the ... Read More »

Listening to XM’s MyFi Portable Satellite Radio

Dear Reader: This post consists of three stories I originially wrote for my publication, Car Buyer’s Notebook. It’s a rundown of the XM MyFi portable satellite radio, which functions as a walkman, home stereo receiver and car unit, all-in-one. It’s a great buy at $269 [at Amazon, $299 elsewhere], if you’re in the market for satellite. Installing the XM MyFi ... Read More »