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Big Baby Galaxy Found In Newborn Universe

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope have teamed up to ‘weigh’ the stars in distant galaxies. One of these galaxies is not only one of the most distant ever seen, but it appears to be unusually massive and mature for its place in the young Universe. For such a young galaxy, it has more stars then ... Read More »

No Alcohol Problems Ever Again in The Airport

When watching this series called airport USA, you often see those moments when somebody who may or may not have drunk too much, is being picked out, asked some questions, and then refused for that flight, until they are sober again. I saw one instant where somebody asked if they couldn’t do a test, but apparently that isn’t possible. Or ... Read More »

When People say This; They Mean That

Warning: Read this at your own risk. Many examples here are from personal experience, but others have been adapted for a more general public. I’m not dealing with political things, as it is often hard to figure out what some politicans actually mean when they are saying something. People say: If you don’t stick your rules, how can we? They ... Read More »

Forget-Me-Not Panties, A Memorable Experience

Sometimes you read things that you wonder, “Is this for real?” But apparently, yes, Forget-Me-Not panties are for real and they are for women only as far as I could find out. Yet a version for men would be useful, too. For example in the armed forces. I do not know exactly how it is possible to track the people ... Read More »

Book Review: Nature via Nurture

Having heard more about Nature versus Nurture than via, this book interested me from the start, as I always thought that one cannot be without the other&#8212so being one of both seemed a bit weird, to say the least. Matt Ridley does a good job at explaining difficult concepts, about which we hear but which are often only meagerly explained. ... Read More »