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Hedy Lamarr Was an Inventor

Did you know that the sultry actress from the 1940’s, Hedy Lamarr, invented RFID, or radio frequency identification technology, one of the hottest technologies today? Neither did I, until I heard a speaker state so in a presentation last week. RFID uses radio frequency signals to track people and transactions — it’s the basis for the EZ Pass automatic toll ... Read More »

Backyard Wineries and Garagistes

You’ve heard of garage bands. You’ve also heard of the high tech companies started by “two guys in a garage.” Well now there are garage wineries. These are small businesses making wine from their homes, without the expensive vineyards. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle highlights this trend: When Mark Herold and his wife Erika Gottl climb out of ... Read More »

An Open Letter from an Ohio Voter to the Democratic Party

An Open Letter to the Democratic Party: As I watch the pundits do post-mortems on the 2004 election from my home state of Ohio, I can’t help but be somewhat bemused. I’m located in a strongly Republican county in Northeast Ohio. I’m a mere 45-minute commute from Cleveland, but I might as well be a world away when it comes ... Read More »

Temporary Halloween Stores a Trend

A few weeks ago Instapundit asked the question: “Is it just me, or are people making a bigger deal out of Halloween than they used to?” No, it’s not just a law professor in Tennessee noticing Halloween. It’s happening all across America. Halloween has become a big deal in the United States. Halloween sales are expected to reach US$3.12 Billion ... Read More »

Review of The Playmakers by Tim Walsh

Full disclosure: The Playmakers is a fascinating book about classic toys — but this review is not about the book. It’s about the blog that was established to promote the book, a trend we’re seeing much more frequently on the Web. The following post is from a weekly feature over at Small Business Trends, called PowerBlog Reviews, where we review ... Read More »

eBay Taking Over the World

eBay is on a global expansion bid. As I noted recently here, eBay reported astonishing growth in its latest quarterly numbers. When you examine the numbers closely, much of the growth is coming from markets outside of the United States. The U.S. market accounted for 32% growth. That’s less than half the growth rate for markets outside the U.S., which ... Read More »

Just How Bad is the U.S. Economy for Small Business?

Listening to the nightly news and reading the newspaper, sometimes you get the impression that the situation for small businesses in the U.S. is dire … worse than since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. And I’m certain that if you searched hard enough, you could find a statistic somewhere to support such a downtrodden point of view. But just ... Read More »