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Podcast Review: MicroBusiness News Briefs

A timely and information-packed podcast aimed at microenterprise owners. Read More »

The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth

Read this book. You will get good value from it. If you are into mixing business and pleasure, it's even engaging enough for summer reading on the beach. Read More »

Review: Online Marketing Blog

Lee is part of that growing number of professionals who use blogging as a kind of enforced discipline to stay up to date on their areas of expertise. Read More »

Review of “Starting Something”

"I made a few hundred million. I lost a few hundred million." Those lines are icons of the Dot Com era. Read More »

PowerBlog Review of Fifteen Degrees North

From Robot Wars (Battle Bots in the United States) to guy's path to riches. OK, maybe not riches... Read More »

PowerBlog Review: The Security Mentor

"My target reader is someone motivated enough to do online research but unwilling to become a full-fledged nerd." Read More »

Anti-Trending and Other Trends for 2005

Usually you have to pay to hear futurist Watts Wacker, but not on Blogcritics... Read More »

Review of Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start

"Divide your sales projection by two..." Kawasaki said. Read More »

The Tinbasher

"...out of the corner of my eye, I saw this rat dangling off a couple of fluorescent tubes above my head." Read More »

Review of Opportunity Wales Blog

Here's another in our series of PowerBlog Reviews of fascinating blogs.... Read More »