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Elvis Costello at the Borgata Casino

Elvis Costello & the Imposters play a spirited set that, nonetheless, felt over-rehearsed and tired. Read More »

“Newjack – Guarding Sing Sing” by Ted Conover

Author Ted Conover immerses himself in the American prison system by becoming a corrections officer. A troubling, depressing, yet gripping account. Read More »

Joan of Arcadia

Like God, there's something ... ineffable? ... about the CBS drama "Joan of Arcadia." Read More »

Christmas Cocktails

Tired of the same old Bing Crosby/Burl Ives Christmas carols for the holidays? The Ultra-Lounge series offers a shaker of Christmas Cocktails. Read More »

Concert review: Belle and Sebastian

The quirkiest concert I've ever been to. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter 5 is a good but if you've read the previous stories, it's a book of obligation rather than pure enjoyment. Read More »

“Welcome Interstate Managers” by Fountains of Wayne

I consider myself a serious music fan and as a Blogcritic I should keep a certain distance from the material I review. So, in my serious reviewer tone, I should note that "Welcome Interstate Managers" is AWESOME. Read More »

“The Wind” by Warren Zevon

Forget about his condition: Warren Zevon's last CD is a great work of rock and roll from a great musician. Read More »

“The War Against Boys” by Christina Hoff Sommers

Although sociology and human development can be a slippery science, with ill-defined objective goals, Ms. Sommers has written a book of surpassingly convincing evidence that boys are being shortchanged in our American educational system. Read More »

“To Engineer is Human” by Henry Petroski

There's a lot to like in Henry Petroski's "To Engineer is Human" but this book takes off on tangents that are meant to illuminate, but only serve to exasperate. Read More »