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IceWeasel: Why Closed Source Software Will Always Win Out

The Linux community splits off from Firefox and starts using IceWeasel, causing further fragmentation and confusion. Read More »

Internet Bought the Radio Star

Google buys YouTube and the Internet explodes in an orgy of blog posts and speculation. Read More »

Web Too.Many: The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Internet has no clothes. Web2.0 is really WebToo.Many and too many companies are competing for the same markets that don't really exist. Read More »

Google Supports Open Source with Google Code Project Hosting

Google competes with for hosting open source software projects with the new Google Code Project Hosting. Read More »

Getting to Deadline: Programmer Productivity Tips At Work (Getting to Done)

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving my deadline goals. These are tips and reminders I've found useful through work experience. Read More »