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Mom Drives Her Crazy – Cancer Sun With Moon Uranus Conjunct in Scorpio: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I love my mother very much but we have a deeply challenging relationship. Read More »

An Astrologer’s Astrologer: John Townley

There is an elite group at the top of every profession. Read More »

Husband Tells Her To Get Sex Elsewhere: Pisces Woman / Aries Man: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I have an issue with my husband concerning our sex life (or complete lack thereof). Read More »

Double Capricorn Suffers Criticism Of Her Social Skills: Astrology-Based Advice

Elsa, I was recently told by a stranger that I was basically socially inept. Read More »

Life In Chaos – Pluto Transit Square Saturn: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I am passing through an extremely rough patch in my life. Read More »

Gemini Has Complex Boyfriend With Unhappy Childhood: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, At the beginning of this year I met a guy. Read More »

Astrologer Suggests She Kill Herself – I Have Other Ideas: Scorpio, Capricorn Rising: Astrology-Based Advice

Elsa, I'm tired of just barely surviving, lone wolf style. Read More »

Book Review: How To Predict Your Future – Secrets Of Eastern And Western Astrology by James Braha

How I found astrologer James Braha and his excellent books... Read More »

Conflict In Relationship – Venus in Virgo Square Mars in Sagittarius: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I would appreciate your advice about my relationship problems. Read More »

Pushy And Controlling in Relationship – Double Libra in Love: Astrology-Based Advice

Hi Elsa! I'm a silly mid-20s Libra who proclaims to live by the seat of her pants, but really just wants to plan. Read More »