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Men, Women, Weight Loss, and Oppression In The Gym

Putting on weight to deflect the attention of men... Read More »

Astrology-Based Advice: Engaged To Be Married – Fiance Addicted To Porn: Sun Venus in Cancer

Dear Elsa, I recently found out my live-in fiance is addicted to porn. Read More »

Astrology, Violence and the Collective’s Defense Against Reality: Predicting Pluto In Capricorn

Does the collective defend itself against harsh reality? Pluto's transit through Capricorn starting in 2008 will put an end to that. Read More »

Dad Confides in Daughter Unbeknownst To Mom – Daughter Aggrieved, Double Capricorn, Cancer Moon: Astrology-Based Advice

Elsa, Tonight I was placed in the middle of my parent's dispute. Read More »

Fear! Capricorn Rising With Saturn, Moon, Mars T-Square Suffers Saturn Return: Astrology-Based Advice

Hi Elsa, I'm going through some rough and tense time... Read More »

Lost Her Sex Drive – Saturn Transit To Sun, Moon, Venus in Leo: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I am going through the first serious sex drought of my life. Read More »

It Ain’t Easy Being Emo When Your Moon Is Trine Jupiter: Astrology In Real Life

I told her to go ahead with her black eyeliner when she reminded me, “You had fads when you were a kid.” Read More »

Younger Sagittarius Man, Older Sagittarius Woman: Can It Work? Astrology-Based Advice

Elsa, I'm a Sagittarius and can't seem to find anyone who seems interesting enough for the effort it takes to go out... Read More »

Paris Hilton and Pluto in Capricorn: Astrology In Real Life

Are her troubles a sign of the times? Read More »

Wants A Peaceful Joyful Life With Friends: Capricorn With Moon Conjunct Neptune: Astrology-Based Advice

Dear Elsa, I have never found a good support at my office and a good true friend. Read More »