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Podcast: Meet The Unreleased Beatles

Raiders of the Lost Beatle Archives: Explore what the Fab Four left behind in a new podcast interview. Read More »

Product Review: VG-88 Guitar Modeling System – The Guitar Army Arrives

That "Guitar Army" that Jimmy Page was always talking about in the 1970s? Its footlocker is at your music store. Read More »

Product Review: Sonar 6 Producer Edition

Cakewalk's latest version of its flagship Sonar recording program packs boatloads of features to explore. Read More »

Product Review: The Harmonizer – Messing With The Fabric Of Time And Harmony

The right plug-ins for computer recording programs can turn one vocalist into four -- and so much more. Read More »

Book Review: The Guide To MIDI Orchestration by Paul Gilreath

An orchestra of Davids: This 700-page guide is a handsome and thorough introduction to its subject. Read More »

New Podcast: Mastering Audio, An Introduction

In the recording world, when the mixing ends, the mastering begins. A new DIY-oriented podcast explains the process. Read More »

Meet The Nextcats

Nextcat offers a MySpace-style networking community for the entertainment professional. Read More »

New Podcast: Jami Bernard, Author of The Incredible Shrinking Critic

Jami Bernard, former film critic with The New York Daily News, discusses her new book on losing weight - very publicly. Read More »

Making A Lot Of Synths: The Lore Of Korg’s Software Synthesizers

The best-selling digital synthesizer of all time can now be played on your PC. Read More »

Podcast: Interviews with Authors James Maguire and James Gavin – NYC in the ’50s

Doubleheader podcast interviews two authors on the period when Ed Sullivan and cabaret nightlife dominated New York's pop culture heyday. Read More »