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Product Review: The Roland VG-99, The Arsenal Of Guitarocracy

The guitar of the future is here, if you want it. Read More »

Podcast: Interview with Cakewalk CEO Greg Hendershott

An interview that tracks home music recording's progress--and it's come a long way in twenty years. Read More »

Abbey Road Keyboards And Vital Drums: Two New Tools For The Home Recordist

Want the keyboards the Beatles played, or Joe Walsh's drummer on your next home recording? Just press play. Read More »

Book Reviews: Rock & Roll Film Encyclopedia, The Techniques Of Film And Video Editing, Special Effects: The History And Technique, After Effects In Production

Four recent books on film and video production are simultaneously fun reading and inspiring for the YouTube generation. Read More »

Book Review: Gibson Guitars: Ted McCarty’s Golden Era 1948-1966 Showcases Guitar’s History

A well-researched new book finally gives a key electric guitar pioneer his due. Read More »

Return To Jupiter, A Look at the Jupiter-8 Synthesizer

A classic analog synthesizer from the early 1980s returns in software form. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Making of Star Wars’ by J.W. Rinzler


It started out as a total disaster. That Star Wars got made at all is remarkable given what George Lucas first intended. Read More »

AlphaTrack Takes PC Recording Beyond The Mouse

Frontier Design's AlphaTrack provides additional digital audio workstation control and more of a human feel than the typical mouse. Read More »

Book Review: Magus Musician Man by George Case

Over the last quarter-century, Zeppelin's founder became rock's wizened elder statesman. A new biography describes his journey. Read More »

Book Reviews: Three for DV – 500 Digital Video Hints, Tips and Techniques, Setting Up Your Shots, and Placing Shadows

Want to get into digital video? Three books make a fine introduction to medium cool. Read More »