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Author Archives: E. Magnuson

Movie Review: Up In The Air (2009)

When is "real" too real? That's like asking when Clooney is too "Clooney." Here it works immensely well. Read More »

Movie Review: The Road Goes Sadly All the Way to Bleaktastic

It ended up most honorably sad, yet this movie never should have happened. Read More »

The Starbucks Borg Evolves

New stores tested in Seattle and "inspired by Starbucks" may leave a bad taste in America's collective mouth. Read More »

The Man Who Stares At Goatees

All things must come to an end. Even when they've become attached to your face, and vice versa. Read More »

Favre Moves On, Packers Fans Try To Sober Up

Brett Favre returns to Green Bay and pulls off a miracle once again - getting me to root for the Vikings. Read More »

Concert Review: Yo La Tengo – Showbox SODO, Seattle, Washington

Against the odds, old favorites show they can still make it work after all these years. Read More »

One More Monster Takes a Swipe at the Rest of Us

If your company's tagline is “A Lifestyle in a Can,” should you really be threatening good people with lawyers? Read More »

Rush Gets Smeared, NFL-Style

Rush Limbaugh doesn't get to play by his own rules this time. Which has to hurt like Tuesday practice. Read More »

Inspired By the Rat City Roller Girls

I got acquainted with Seattle's hip roller derby scene, thanks to my 4-year-old daughter's fandom. Read More »