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I, Review : I, Robot

There’s a story leading me up to seeing this ‘version’ of I, Robot. It started, I’m not sure how long ago, grade school I think. I tried reading Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy.” I say tried because at that time it was a tough read and I didn’t stick with it. I tried it again a year or two later, this time ... Read More »

A Splash of Red: A DVD Review

Zatoichi (2003, d. Takeshi Kitano, s. Takeshi Kitano, Gadarukanaru Taka, Daigoro Tachibana) Region 3 released by Panarama Film: A little background may be necessary for this review. I believe this is the 27th film in the series dating back to 1962, and the first not to star Shintaru Katsu. That doesn’t even take into consideration the 100 plus television episodes. ... Read More »

Silver Hawk (Region 3)

Silver Hawk (d. Jingle Ma, s. Michelle Yeoh, Richie Ren, Luke Goss) Studio: Media Asia (Region 3) Film: ***, DVD: *** I just got this disk direct from Hong Kong the other day, a little apprehensive about what I was in for. You see, I had read about the film before buying it, but nothing was terribly positive about it, ... Read More »

Shaolin Ulysses – Kungfu Monks in America

Not sure where this first aired, I am assuming it was a television documentary. In any case, this is an interesting look at five Shaolin monks who left the temple to come to America. It is fascinating to see how these monks have adjusted to living in America. In China, they were top students at Shaolin, virtually celebrities due to ... Read More »

Secret Window

Secret Window is a work supported by the acting. This gem of a film has been maligned from critics and viewers alike, and I’d like to know why. It was tightly written, if not original, well paced, without being slow, and features another fantastic performance from Johnny Depp. I think some of it stems from the fact that this is ... Read More »

Neon Genesis: Evangelion: Death and Rebirth

OK, I’m Lost… You ever start watching something, and realize that you have no idea what’s going on? The feeling that you missed a whole lot of the story? That’s how I felt when I started watching my DVD choice of the day, earlier this afternoon. A number of months back, I made the mistake of purchasing Neon Genesis: Evangelion ... Read More »

Invader ZIM

Space Invader? Indeed! Invader Zim: OK, I have had the opportunity to view last weeks Pick of the Week. And the report is good! I bought this blind, meaning I had never seen an episode before this viewing. I had read good things about it, and based on that and the screen shots I had seen, I made the decision ... Read More »

Spider-Man 2

The Webhead has finally swung back into theaters, and this time he’s bigger and better than before. I saw what was possibly the most anticipated movie of the year this past week, and it was well worth the wait. The primary cast return, along with director Sam Raimi. Ten years ago, I never would have thought that a director best ... Read More »

Anna In Kung Fu Land

DVD Review. Anna in Kung Fu Land Sound like something you want to see? It should, it’s a funny martial arts comedy from Hong Kong starring Ekin Cheng and Miriam Yeung. The story concerns Ken, an advertising executive who finds himself in charge of putting together a martial arts competition to promote a new sports drink. The problem is that ... Read More »

DVD Review: Bubba Ho-Tep

Film. Bubba Ho-Tep is a great movie. I have read some message bards about this title and the general feeling about this movie is a love it/hate it response. I thought it was great, it was funny, bizarre, and touching all at the same time. The basic plot is that a recently resurrected mummy is terrorizing an old folks home ... Read More »