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Kid Rock on Letterman

I thought Kid Rock used to be some kind of Rock ‘n’ Rapper, but apparently he fancies himself a modern-day Skynyrd/Allman Brothers style southern balladeer nowadays. Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t carry a tune in a six-pack cooler and he comes off sounding like something from Open Mike night at a biker bar. I’d be hard pressed to come up with ... Read More »

PJ Harvey on Letterman

Well… after all the spit-and-polish of “Stories From the City…” it’s nice to hear PJ Harvey is back to distorted guitars and caterwauling again, isn’t it? I mean, that’s what I expected to feel anyway. I had heard that her new album was going to be more of a return to her roots. As much as I loved “Dry” and ... Read More »

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

harry potter and the prisoner of continuity… My mom is here for the week so last night after the kids were in bed, the Wife and I went to see Harry Potter. It was beautifully directed, what with all of the English landscapes and Standing Stones, but it had plot-holes big enough to fly a hippogriff through. And I’m not ... Read More »

Prey For Rock And Roll

prey for it to finally be OVER… My wife had another “Mom’s Night Out” last night, so I decided to have a “Dad’s Night In” once the kids were in bed, which involved me, a bag of Doritos, and a rental of “Prey for Rock and Roll starring Gina Gershon. And lest any of you out there think that there ... Read More »

Ryan Adams – Rock N Roll

I’ve been putting off writing a review of this album for a long time, because every time I listen to it, I like it more and more and I’m less and less sure WHY. I first took notice of Adams when I saw him perform “So Alive” on Letterman and was completely blown away. It sounded a little like vintage ... Read More »

Velvet Revolver on Letterman

‘Tis the era of Rock Supergroups my friends.(**) First Chris Cornell fronts up what’s left of Rage Against the Machine, now Scott Weiland manages to stay out of rehab long enough to stumble up to the microphone for the remains of Guns and Roses. The new band is called Velvet Revolver, and I’ve come across their new single twice this ... Read More »

Avril Lavigne on Letterman

Avril Lavigne was on Letterman last night. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see her and realize that she doesn’t suck. I mean… it’s nice to see a girl play GUITAR… even if she’s not very good. Hell. it’s just nice to see a girl keep her damned clothes on. Even if her only contribution to the musical landscape is ... Read More »

War and Morality

So, the biggest story in the news is STILL is the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the US military. Apparently we’re been torturing and humiliating prisoners over there, and the media and the public seem to be shocked and horrified by it. You know what else is shocking and horrifying? I’ve heard that the military is also shooting Iraqis dead ... Read More »

Rush – Vapor Trails

OK… so I’ve read a few of the posts here about Vapor Trails some of them overwhelmingly positive, some overwhelmingly negative, but I haven’t read anything that sounds like a balanced review from a less-than-rabid Rush fan, so I thought I’d toss in my own 2 cents (ok, maybe 3 cents) on the latest release. Lest I be accused of ... Read More »

beck – odelay & midnight vultures

Beck is such a goofy hipster doofus that I really don’t WANT to like is songs as much as I do. But dammit… these are both really good albums. On some level, Beck’s songs are ALL gloss and window dressing, and yet every weird synth noise and scratchy sample somehow add up to make a damn good song when he’s ... Read More »