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Give Me Some Joost!

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds. Read More »

Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code

Why do we care if this mystery novel got it’s facts right? It’s an incredibly exciting and well written mystery as Ehrman puts it! The problem; Brown asserts that the basis of the entire novel is factual. Ehrman believes that a work as popular as this and with as much influence should indeed have its fact right or not claim ... Read More »

One Day I am Going to Write a Novel

One day I am going to write a novel! That is me! I have said this so many times. What has stopped me? A Couple of Excuses: 1) “I need to take a 3 month hiatus from work to start my novel” 2) “I have No Plot!” 3) “I have No Time!” 4) “I want it to be perfect” Well ... Read More »

Tv-B-Gone Turns Off Any TV Around You!

Apparently there are alot of folks out there who want to turn off TVs. A new key chain gadget that lets people turn off most TVs — anywhere from airports to restaurants — is selling at a faster clip than it would take most people to surf the channels on their boob tubes. Hundreds of orders for Altman’s $14.99 TV-B-Gone ... Read More »