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Foods are edible ingredients which have a nutritional impact when consumed (for better or worse). There are many blogs and websites celebrating various types of foods and regional cuisines from all over the world; from Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Malaysian, to New England, Californian, and American Southern. Sometimes foods are classified by particular ingredients they lack or feature in lower ... Read More »


A kitchen is a room used for cooking, food preparation, (and in the case of larger kitchens) dining. In homes and apartments which are smaller and/or have less rooms, the kitchen may also be used additionally as a family room or laundry room. In addition to homes and restaurants, kitchens are found in many businesses so their employees can purchase ... Read More »


The term misc. is short for the word miscellaneous, which is a catchall tag or category name often used by blogs to describe and/or organize a post or article that is general interest in nature or that discusses a wide variety of topics instead of focusing on a single narrow or specialized subject. In some cases, the tag misc. is ... Read More »


Generally speaking, fish are water-dwelling, cold-blooded vertebrates possessing gills for breathing, scales for protection, and fins for swimming. Fish have been venerated (and even deified) in mythology and religion, probably because fish have been a vital food source throughout history, supplying protein and other important nutrients. Globally, people eat an average of 36 pounds of fish per year. Consumption by ... Read More »


In many rural parts of the world, the hunting and gathering of fish and shellfish is practiced much as it has been for millennia, employing such ancient methods as netting, hand-gathering, trapping, spearing, and using lines with baited hooks. High-tech commercial fishing boats still use baited hooks, nets, and traps to catch fish, shrimp, and crabs; mollusks such as oysters, ... Read More »


Drink is another word for a liquid beverage. Drinks may be alcoholic (as in the case of beer and wine) or non-alchoholic (as in the case of water, juice, and soda). They may be served hot (i.e. coffee, tea, yerbe mate, and chai) or cold (i.e. colas, cider, or iced tea). Juices are made by macerating fresh fruit or vegetables. ... Read More »


A howto (also known as a how-to or how to) is a brief, informational tutorial (often list based, and/or bulletized) designed to help its readers learn how to accomplish a new task or skill. Howtos may also feature useful photos or video. Howtos provide a simple, organized way for essential information to be shared on a wide variety of topics, ... Read More »


When one travels, one takes a trip; whether for a vacation (international, national, or as part of a local staycation), on business (i.e. to attend a meeting or as part of a daily commute), or to visit friends and family. There are many kinds of trips, including the road trip (whether one travels by car, rv, or motorcycle), cruises, as ... Read More »


A hobby is a recreational pursuit or passionate pastime which is practiced outside of working hours. Some examples of indoor hobbies include baking, sewing, furniture restoration, practicing a musical instrument, painting, antique collecting, and playing video games. Outdoor hobbies such as playing sports, fishing, boating, bird watching, gardening, hiking, historical reenactments, and swimming are also popular. Many indoor hobbies have ... Read More »


Also known as the news media and the mass media, the press includes broadcast media (i.e. cable networks, television stations, radio stations), print media (newspapers, magazines, newsletter publishers), and more recently online media (such as blogs and websites). Using standard journalistic techniques, the implied mission of the Fourth Estate is to present news of current interest and lasting importance to ... Read More »