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Reflections on God and Santa

God and Santa: Are they one and the same? Read More »

GodTube Presents…”A Letter from Hell”

Learn how to avoid the fiery pit, on the Christian version of YouTube. Read More »

Satire: Senator Obama Arrested for Treason

Bush administration will start to vigously enforce PATRIOT Act. Read More »

Is Bill O’Reilly A Racist?

Billo surprised that there was "no difference between Sylvia's and any other restaurant in New York City...even though it's run by blacks." Read More »

George Bush Crying on God’s Shoulder

The President explains why he's right and everyone else is wrong. Read More »

Who’s to Blame for Alberto Gonzales?

Embattled Attorney General Finally Resigns Read More »

Have Catholics Found Their Heaven On Earth?

The King of Pizza builds his Catholic utopia. Read More »

From Quagmire to Cakewalk – Dick Cheney’s Big Flip-Flop

What made Dick Cheney change his tune about the consequences of going into Iraq? Read More »

Bush on the Yellow Brick Road

In the wake of Rove's resignation, Bush goes on a journey for a new brain. Read More »

Karl Rove: Gone But Not Forgotten

The President's BFF wants to spend more time with his family. Right. Read More »