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Men, Dogs, and Daisies

Male nurturing is as natural as the rain. Read More »

Professionals and Experts

The knowledge and experience of "ordinary" people also needs to be listened to and valued Read More »

Compulsive Divine Dummy-Sucking

Obsessive calls for Divine intervention are a sign of immaturity, like sucking on a pacifier. Read More »


The enemy of relationship. Read More »

The Right to Be Here

Many move through life apologizing for and excusing their presence. Read More »

Four-Way Stops

Insight into people's character can be gleaned from how they approach a stop sign. Read More »

Restoring Reverence

The mechanistic mind struggles to recognize the value of presence. Read More »

Vengeance: Is it Really the Way?

Giving up our souls for something undeserving. Read More »

America, May I Dare To Speak

Celebrations decidedly disturbing and questionable Read More »

Consultation – Paralysis, or Key to Effective Decision Making?

Can listening to all sides cause deafness to everything? Read More »