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Capital Punishment: a Democratic and Humanitarian Viewpoint

India has to speed up its judicial and governmental procedures to wrap up decisions in atrocious crimes. Read More »

Services Outsourcing and the Indian Economy: The Future

A comparison of India's and China's outsourcing models. Read More »

The Asian Missile Race and its Global Significance

Let us hope that the new global powers will not lead humanity into another bloodbath. Read More »

The West and its Inevitable Surrender to Islam

The west has already started surrendering to Islam and is prepared for surrender for ever. Read More »

Islam: The Last Hope of Christianity in Europe

As the ultra secularization of Europe continues, Islam may be Christianity's last, best hope on the continent. Read More »

Chinese Propaganda Tries to Save an Apprehensive Regime

Despite economic achievements and propaganda, when the popular anger in China will explode is only a question of time. Read More »

China’s Foreign Policy Undercuts its Quest for Superpower Status

China and her foreign policy have to be carefully monitored as it thirsts for superpower status. Read More »

UNSC in the Perspective of UN Reforms, Part II

The new world order of twenty first century has to be taken into consideration on UN reforms. Read More »

UNSC in the Perspective of UN Reforms, Part I

Today’s UN system was established based on the international order of the first half of last century. Read More »

Freedom and Privileges for Individuals and Media, Part 3

Let it be reminded that, any effort from the side of the State in diminishing the rights of its own people, so are against the law of the nature. Read More »