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One Last Blog and Adieu

BlogCritics will continue to thrive because it allows what Americans seem to need most in our current time, namely, a forum to be heard. It’s just that, for me, the right to be heard carries with it the obligation to listen. And I feel that reciprocation is no longer de rigueur. It is a my heartfelt loss. Read More »

Juvenile Jihad

The youth of today - be they Christian, Muslin, Buddist, or Jewish or Druids - seem to be desperately seeking a higher purpose- a calling. When they can’t find it within the superficial, vain, materialistic society in which they live - and is anyone surprised by that? - they turn to fanaticism. Read More »

America’s Hannibal

Had he been killed in one of the numerous military encounters of his career as a Revolutionary War patriot, he would have gone down, undoubtedly, as one of the 3 or 4 greatest heroes of the Cause. But, surviving - though crippled from his wounds as he was - he instead became the most reviled of any soldier in American history. Read More »

What Makes a “Chick Movie?”

The question is, simply enough, what are the shared qualities of a "chick movie?" Are there certain characteristics or common threads that distinguish movies that appeal, almost completely, to the feminine viewer? Read More »

Review: “Oil Storm”

was very interested in the teasers shown on Fx for this original production. The catchphrase was “America’s Lifeline Has Been Severed!” After all, I have Fx to thank (blame?_ for some of the best television (and lost sleep) this side of "Deadwood" over the past couple of years. Read More »

The Joys of Age

There are many wonderful benefits of middle age. It has taken me many years to come to this conclusion. In my younger days, I raged. I fumed I ranted. I rebelled. I have pictures of me in my youth, when I had more hair, fewer wrinkles, and seemed to always have a serious expression on my face. Read More »

Men of America: Rise Up!

There you have it. Far more than you ever wanted to know about breeding in the kingly world of thoroughbred racing and a call to arms for PETA. If this is not cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, I have not seen it. It's certainly time to get involved. Men of the world, RISE UP! Read More »