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DVD Review: RiffTrax – The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

All its shortcomings are forgiven once in tune with its cornball, gag-show of hilarity. Read More »

DVD Review: RiffTrax – Night of the Living Dead

It deserves every blood-drenched bow as a courtesy from horror fans. Read More »

DVD Review: RiffTrax – Reefer Madness

an unintentionally funny and overly serious look at the drug once dubbed in the 1930s as public enemy number one. Read More »

DVD Review: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas is a highly recommended, if modestly executed, film. Read More »

DVD Review: Return From Witch Mountain

It's disheartening, tiresome, and fails to resonate as a classic. Read More »

DVD Review: Escape To Witch Mountain (1975)

This 1975 Disney classic is pleasant enough to warrant a one-time viewing, especially if you grew up in the 70s. Read More »

DVD Review: The Spirit (2008)

Though it succeeds in its visuals, The Spirit’s dialog is generally misused, disposable, and lacking in emotional resonance. Read More »

DVD Review: Bedtime Stories – Limited Time Combo Pack

Irresistibly cute, noticeably charming, and wholly entertaining. Read More »

DVD Review: Happy-Go-Lucky

Mike Leigh’s moderately improvised tale of Poppy is unbearably aggravating and one of the most overly-promoted films of 2008. Read More »

DVD Review: Pinocchio – 70th Anniversary 2-Disc Platinum Edition + Standard DVD

Lovable characters, handcrafted animation, morally replete fairy tale, and catchy award-winning music. Read More »